8 Landscaping Secrets from Experts


1. Create a Walkway

Create an attractive walkway using concrete decorative brick or natural flagstone instead of trampling down the lawn. Construct a walkway, pathway, or any garden landscape feature from material similar to what’s use on building the exterior of the house, such as stones or bricks, because it will tie the path artistically to the home.

2. Place a Big Rock on the Yard

In order to make your lawn stand out is to place a big rock or you can place more. These rocks must be too big to be eye catching. If you are not sure where to get the rock and how to place it on the yard, you can always consult an expert. Just bring pictures of your yard and measurements; it can help the landscaper make suggestions and designs for your yard.

3. Add a Water Feature and Make it Look Natural

A water feature would be nice to add on your landscape. You can use natural materials and stones to build it. It is advised not to use too many aesthetics or materials to avoid overdoing it.

outdoor seating4. Add Seating Area Outdoors

A patio in you garden can be a great outdoor escape. You can use concrete or some stones. If you want some privacy, you can build your patio near trees or tall plants. Benches and chairs let you lie down o sit to nap or read.

5. Have Different Kinds of Plants

Choose a different variety of plants that bloom at different times so that a variety of ornamental leaves will be visible on every changing seasons.

6. Rustic Look for Your Landscape

You can check at garden shops for old-fashioned garden ornaments, fencing, pots, and other materials that deliver a vintage or rustic look.

7. Have Curved Lines

Curve lines makes your landscape look more attractive and appealing. Edging helps enhances the look of your landscape.

8. Brighten Walkways and Some Areas

Lights add beauty to landscapes. Lights enhance the look of your home and providing light on sidewalks promotes safety. Lighting can be set on intervals and doesn’t have to go on a straight line.